Gender and Conflict Analysis: Tushinde Ujeuri Project, DRC

Search for Common Ground, Sedera Arnaud Rajoelison, & Leon Irenge

Created 11/06/2018


“Gender and Conflict Analysis: Tushinde Ujeuri Project”

The Democratic Republic of Congo has experienced two decades of political and economic instability, fostering a cycle of discontent, conflict, and violence in the East. Women, children, and marginalized groups are particularly vulnerable. The prevalence of GBV in Eastern DRC is, not surprisingly, extremely high, affecting nearly a third of women and men and up to 61% of children.

The project “Tushinde Ujeuri” meaning “Let’s overcome violence” aims to strengthen communities’ ability to prevent and respond to GBV, reduce GBV incidences and improve the quality of and access to holistic care for survivors, particularly among vulnerable groups.

The project is implemented by a consortium, led by IMA World Health (IMA) that involves national and international partners, including Search for Common Ground (Search).

Search, building on its experience of implementing activities in conflict-sensitive areas, will use its media tools and trainings to promote dialogue, increase awareness and contribute to positive behavioral change.

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