Guidance Note #3: Introduction To Mixed Methods In Impact Evaluation

Michael Bamberger

Created 09/13/2012





Part I. Why Mixed Methods?

  • What is a mixed methods impact evaluation design?
  • The limitations of an exclusive reliance on QUANT or QUAL evaluation approaches
  • The benefits of a mixed methods approach

Part II. The Mixed Methods Approach

  • Four decisions for designing a mixed methods evaluation
  • Applying MM approaches at each stage of the evaluation

Part III. Applications of Mixed Methods Designs

  • Sampling strategies for QUANT and WUAL oriented MM evaluations
  • Using mixed methods to evaluate complex interventions
  • Assessing processes of behavioral change

Part IV. Managing Mixed Methods Evaluations

  • Mixed methods designs require a special management approach
  • Tips for resource constrained NGOs to mobilize the expertise and resources required to conduct mixed methods evaluations

Part V. Case Studies Illustrating Different Applications of Mixed Methods Designs


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