Guidance on Evaluation and Review for DFID Staff

UK Department for International Assistance

Created 10/04/2015



This book takes the reader step by step through the practice of designing, managing, reporting on and responding to an evaluation. It acknowledges that good evaluation practice depends on a solid partnership between those commissioning and managing evaluation studies on behalf of their government and agencies, and the consultants carrying out the work and producing the reports. Therefore, while this guidance is specifically geared towards DFID staff, it also attempts to assist all partners in thinking though their role in the process.

A quick tour of the evaluation process, answering the following questions:

  • what kind of evaluation or review am I planning?
  • how can I use the review or evaluation to improve development effectiveness?
  • what do DFID’s corporate systems require?
  • whom should I involve?
  • how should I plan and carry out this review or evaluation?
  • how can I reduce the risk of things going wrong?
Finally the guide also outlines how more complex, large-scale, joint evaluations can be commissioned, and offers an update on current definitions and standards in international development evaluations.


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