Guide to Help Barbadian Judges and Prosecutors Combat Human Trafficking

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Created 09/02/2021

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This guide was developed to strengthen Barbadian judges’ and prosecutors’ capacity to adequately detect trafficking cases, and effectively implement anti-trafficking legislation in line with national and international instruments, policies, best practices and standards. The Guide is based on the premise that well-trained judges and prosecutors are an indispensable part of the response of any country to the trafficking phenomenon.

The publication will equip readers with the requisite knowledge and skills to combat the crime of trafficking in persons. The Guide has been drafted in such a way as to address gaps in the capacity of criminal justice practitioners in Barbados who are working to prevent and combat trafficking in persons, protect and assist its victims. The Guide was created by ABA ROLI consultants Dr. Olivia Smith and Dr. Jason Haynes.

Click here to access the guide.

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