Independent Programme Evaluation Search For Common Ground In Burundi

Search for Common Ground

Created 07/17/2002



This document is an independent evaluation of the Search for Common Ground – Burundi program conducted by Amr Abdalla, Noa Davenport, Leslie McTyre and Steven A. Smith. The overall goal of the Burundi program is to reduce ethnic conflict and encourage reconciliation. To this end, SFGC currently runs four in-country programs: Studio Ijambo, an independent radio production studio; The Womens’ Peace Center, a forum for unifying and strengthening civil society and promoting democratic processes; The Youth Project, a cooperative project which brings together ethnically mixed youth leaders as well as organizes other peace-building projects for youth; and Integration Initiative, a new project aiming to maximize the synergies among and around SFGC projects as they expand both geographically and in scope. Key findings include:

  • In terms of cultural appropriateness, SFCG’s activities, especially their media ones, seemed to correspond well to the African oral culture, and the social patterns of Burundians
  • Interviews with officials in USAID, and the US government, showed much appreciation, if not admiration, of SFCG efforts in Burundi
  • As the government and political actors are engaging in more activities geared towards rebuilding Burundi’s unity and peace, those involved in these processes could benefit from an increased role by SFCG

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