Is it possible to do participatory research in the pandemic? (2020)

University of Birmingham

Created 06/17/2021



Now, more than ever, it’s important that those who are experiencing the unequal impact of COVID-19 are able to share their expertise and experiences directly with social security and related policy makers. In this context, participatory research is vital. But this context also makes participatory research difficult and creates new challenges: how do participatory workshops operate in online spaces; and how are inclusive and safe spaces created for collaboration?

Join us in this webinar to think through these questions & more around doing participatory research on poverty during COVID-19. Helping us do this will be the following speakers:

  • Tracey Herrington (Thrive Teesside and Poverty2Solutions) will reflect upon what participatory research should *actually* look like, drawing on her experience of grassroots activism and lived experience.
  • Shahid Islam (Bradford Institute for Health Research) will discuss some of the challenges of doing participatory work in the pandemic, and how he is navigating these in his own work.
  • Finally, Maddy Power and Ruth Patrick will reflect upon the methodological approach underpinning the participatory element of the Covid Realities project, which involves work with parents and carers living on a low income to share their everyday experiences of the pandemic.

The webinar is chaired by Professor Maggie O’Neill, Professor in Sociology at University College Cork.

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