Join the Conflict Early Warning/Early Action Practitioners Workshop – May 2021

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Created 05/06/2021

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 Conflict Early Warning/Early Action Practitioners Workshop

  • More than 30 sessions discussing innovative utilization of data, models, apps, and hubs for conflict early warning and prevention
  • Hands-on skills workshops
  • And much more – AGENDA COMING SOON!


Read on for an opportunity for a select group of organizations to participate in a Discovery Day on May 21 

New Opportunity: Discovery Day

Join a hands-on work session with data scientists to explore how data & AI can advance your work

On Friday, May 21 from 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM (EST), we will be hosting a Discovery Day for mission-driven organizations during the Conflict Early Warning/Early Action Practitioners Workshop.



A Discovery Day is a multi-part event designed to engage and inspire social impact organizations on how cutting-edge data science, machine learning, and other technical interventions could advance their work, address pain points, and surface insights of the ecosystems in which they operate. This three-hour event is an opportunity to have 1-to-1 consulting services with expert data scientists and begin developing an impactful data science project for your organization.

Discovery Day Goals:The primary goal of a Discovery Day is to generate project ideas. A secondary goal is to engage participants on the high impact potential of data science to advance organizational missions, and to determine insights that might inform sector-wide data recommendations.

Discovery Day Outcomes:

Participants will walk away with concrete ideas of how data science can fuel their work and mission. Following the Discovery Day, DataKind will refine the project ideas and deliver a report of project opportunities with recommended next steps.

Application Eligibility:

  • Mission-driven organizations (Priority will be given to organizations working in the Global South, or have partners in the Global South)
  • Clearly defined success criteria for their organization
  • Clearly articulated theory of change / way of making an impact on the world
  • Available data or knowledge of data sources (either internal to the organization or from public sources)



Discovery Day is organized in partnership with DataKind, a global nonprofit that brings together top data scientists with leading social change organizations to collaborate on cutting-edge analytics & advanced algorithms to maximize social impact.

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