Key Lessons: How to Engage Mining Companies to Transform Conflicts Related to their Operations

Search for Common Ground

Created 01/24/2020

Analysis, Case Studies

Over the past eight years, Search for Common Ground (Search) has been working with the mining sector to establish sustainable business practices, in Tanzania, Guinea and Madagascar. As such, Search has collaborated with Acacia Mining (owned by Barrick Gold) in Tanzania since 2011, with Base Toliara in Madagascar since early 2019, and with communities affected by mining in Guinea (as well as company representatives and local authorities there) since 2018. This peacebuilding engagement has yielded several key lessons:

  • Lesson #1: Value for money. Peacebuilding work can positively impact communities affected by mining, and companies can get considerable return on investment from funding it.
  • Lesson #2: Long-term commitment is key.
  • Lesson #3: Communities need access to accurate information and effective channels for voicing concerns to mining companies and local authorities.
  • Lesson #4: Investment in sustainable alternative livelihood programs for community members should be supported.
  • Lesson #5: Enduring change can only be achieved if there is commitment across all levels of the mining company.
  • Lesson #6: Capacity building is necessary to elicit commitment to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights around mining operations.

Download the PDF below to read all the key lessons. 

Click here to for the visual summary and the full evaluation of “Search for Common Ground Tanzania’s Sustainable Business Practices” (2019) 

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