Learning Summary: Agriculture, Community Mobilization and Peacebuilding in the DRC

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Created 08/27/2019


Community Mobilization in the DRC

This summary describes the challenges, impact and reflections from a 4-year project working on bringing people together through agriculture and community mobilization/ development in the DRC. Peace Direct and partner (Centre Resolution Conflicts -CRC) offer reflections and lessons as well as recommendations for practitioners and donors.

The project aimed to build livelihoods, make communities more
resilient to violence, and to reduce poverty. To do this, CRC established various activities including community mobilization groups, agricultural cooperatives and youth associations, bringing together young people and
members of the community to start up community development initiatives and access income generating activities.

They also led training in conflict resolution, and skills training in agricultural techniques. Micro‑credit groups were set up to support marginalised women to generate income for their families.

This learning summary is based on an independent evaluation conducted at the end of the project, and findings from internal monitoring by CRC, to assess the impact, efficiency and sustainability of the project, and to present lessons learned.

Key successes:

  • 393 young men are now better equipped to deal with the challenges of war thanks to conflict transformation training.
  • 270 of those trained are now members of youth associations, working to develop their communities.
  • The income of 86% of female micro‑grant recipients has doubled since the end of the project.
  • Project participants are now able to solve 90% of the conflicts that arise in their communities independently, without the assistance of local or regional courts.
  • 78% of participants reported that relations had improved between members of different communities during the project.

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