Literature Review: Effective Inter-Religious Action in Peacebuilding

Conducted by Stephanie L. Schmidt with additional support from Diana Chigas, Sarah McLaughlin, Nazera Abdul-Haqq, and Brian Adienge

Created 09/15/2017



This report is part of the Effective Inter-religious Action in Peacebuilding Program (EIAP) created with support from the GHR Foundation. EIAP is a three-year initiative led by Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) in partnership with CDA Collaborative Learning and Search for Common Ground (SFCG). Driven by an interactive, and a whole of field process, EIAP involves key, diverse stakeholders representing all faiths to generate guidance on how to evaluate inter-religious action; and to develop a framework for ongoing work regarding what constitutes effective inter-religious action. Specific activities include:

 Formation of an EIAP Global Advisory Council (GAC) of formal and informal religious leaders, academics, and practitioners.

 Meta-evaluation conducted of inter-religious peacebuilding evaluations.

 Research to identify the ‘state of play’ of inter-religious action and peacebuilding culminating in a published report.

 Substantive and sustained engagement among religious communities, peacebuilding and development organizations, and donors.

 Shared learning and collaboration via an on-line community of practice on Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DME) for Peace.

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