Local Peacebuilding: What Works and Why

Phil Vernon, Peace Direct, & Alliance for Peacebuilding

Created 07/15/2019

Analysis, Evaluation Reports


Local Peacebuilding

“This report, a collaboration between Peace Direct and the Alliance for Peacebuilding, explores the effectiveness of local peacebuilding, sharing real and impactful initiatives from around the world.

‘What works and why’ argues that more support for local peacebuilding is needed, and highlights examples of effective local initiatives in support of this claim. To counter the scepticism some decision-makers express about the impact of peacebuilding, the report is confined to examples that have been objectively assessed by external evaluators or researchers.”

– Peace Direct

The full report can be found on an interactive web page at:

Click here for the full report pdf.

Click here for the Executive Summary. 

Local peacebuilding – actions initiated, led and implemented by people in and from their own context, both at the grassroots and nationally – is therefore essential. Yet local peacebuilders are too often starved of support. Their political leaders can be unsupportive, meaning international help is crucial. International donors and organizations, however, are often unwilling or unable to step in. This can be due to risk aversion, prejudice and operational constraints, as does an unwarranted scepticism that local actions have the requisite depth, scope and scale of impact to reduce violence and shift societies from fragility to resilience.

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