New Heroes: Empowering Youth As Agents of Change

Maisa Munawara & Shiva K Dhungana, Search for Common Ground

Created 01/06/2021

Analysis, Evaluation


Macedonia New Heroes

Search for Common Ground has been working to promote social cohesion and support interethnic collaboration in North Macedonia. Innovative programming focused on youth education and media initiatives has been instrumental to raising awareness and promoting social cohesion as well as strengthening democratic governance. As part of the USAID funded project Advancing Social Cohesion in North Macedonia, Search North Macedonia launched the youth reality TV  series  “New Heroes” in late 2019.

New Heroes featured 16 teens competing in 8 teams of two solving pressing community issues while promoting values of inter-ethnic teamwork. The show highlights the importance of unifying youth as agents of change  around common community issues. The show  also highlights two important aspects of youth mobilization for social cohesion. 

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Macedonia New Heroes 2

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