Mid-Term Evaluation: Victims of Torture

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Created 07/17/2003



This external mid-term evaluation was led by Dr. Sylvestre Barancira and Nathalie Zajde. The Victims of Torture project has the following goal: The reduction of negative effects of torture by assistance to victims and the prevention of acts of torture in Burundi. Some key findings include:

  • The VOT project strategy is effective and efficient in achieving the expected results in sensitization of the population and broadcasting testimonies through the media and other publications.
  • The system of decentralization established by the main coordination has allowed the project to not only reach the original expected number of 800 VOT project beneficiaries, but to exceed that number as well.
  • The system of monitoring needs to be improved by way of an increase in frequency of field visits and the reinforcement of staff capacities.

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