Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for Fragile States and Peacebuilding Programs: Practical Tools for Improving Program Performance and Results

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Created 11/23/2011



The ME&L guide will make the greatest contribution toward better quality programs if it is used throughout each stage of your program’s life cycle. The guide can be used to help strengthen your organization’s strategic plan, to sharpen and strengthen program and project designs, and to strengthen implementation through better ME&L.

  • Use the guide while developing your strategic plan. The guide can add value to strategic thinking, planning and decision-making. It can help conceptualize your country strategic plan, and especially formulation of strategic objectives and how to measure them. 
  • Use the guide to strengthen your program and project designs. Use Part II to help sharpen your objectives and defi nition of higher-level outcomes. As you analyze these and identify and select indicators you are better able to assess the realism of your program/project and its intended outcomes.
  • Use the guide to develop your performance monitoring plan (PMP). The PMP defines the essential ingredients for a practical ME&L system to support management of your program/projec

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