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Created 08/27/2020

Case Studies

Strengthened advocacy skills and communication processes: A sample of enhancing capacities of indigenous communities that help to face the Covid-19. 

“Governments around the world have been grappling with the spread of  -19 in their communities. Latin America is no exception. Communities most affected by the pandemic in the region are those that have been historically challenged by poor living conditions and limited access to basic social services, all of which are further exacerbated by the current situation. Particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 are the indigenous communities living in the Amazon region.

As part of the Amazon Basin, Brazil, Perú, and Colombia have been among the countries with the highest number of infections in the world. According to the International Institute of Education (IEB), which is a capacity development partner working with the Strengthening the Capacities of Indigenous Organizations in the Amazon project (SCIOA) in Brazil, “the new coronavirus is spreading faster upon indigenous communities in Brazil and has infected at least 9,414 persons and caused 380 deaths.””

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