Overview: The Impact of Gimme6

Search for Common Ground

Created 07/17/2002



The aim of the Gimme6 television project was to build mutual respect between Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot children. The television series introduces viewers to the shared aspect of their daily lives in an effort to foster an appreciation for differences both within their own communities and between the two wider communities. Given these goals, this mid-term evaluation sought to assess the underlying assumptions regarding children’s daily lives, examine children’s access to the series and their reactions to the television series, and lastly to measure the impact of the series on the children’s attitudes and opinions of one another. To measure these goals, pre-tests and post-tests were carried out through questionnaire interviews with 583 Greek Cypriot children and 568 Turkish Cypriot children. The evaluation particularly highlighted the change in perception amongst Greek Cypriot children, noting that their perceptions positively shifted of both the “other” (Turkish Cypriot children) as well as their knowledge about different groups in their own society.

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