Pastoralism & Conflict: Digital Toolkit

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Created 03/16/2021

How-to, Tools and Templates


pastoralism and conflict

This digital toolkit aims to provide guidance on how to design interventions to prevent or resolve conflict related to cross-border pastoralism, with a focus on the Sudano-Sahel region. It is here to help users design interventions to fit the needs of their context. The toolkit includes an overview of the subject, seven thematic modules, and a library of additional resources.

This is a specialized tool for learning and design that serves three strategic objectives:

1) Provide a framework for interveners to assess the sources of pastoralism-related conflict in their own context and identify opportunities for engagement;

2) Highlight lessons learned from the Sudano-Sahel on “what works;”

3) Promote multi-sectoral collaboration by illustrating how development, conservation, and trade all play an essential role in addressing this crisis.

This site offers a wide variety of content that you can explore at your own pace. Issues covered in this toolkit are not unique to pastoralism-related conflict, but we have chosen this lens for several strategic reasons.

To find out more and explore the toolkit, click here. 

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