Peacebuilding Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Training Manual

Anita Ernstorfer & Kiely Barnard-Webster, Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium

Created 02/28/2019

How-to, Tools and Templates


PEC Peacebuilding DM&E Training

This training manual was developed by seasoned trainers with subject matter expertise in program design, conflict analysis, conflict sensitivity, monitoring and evaluation.

It was developed by CDA Collaborative Learning Projects (CDA) in partnership with the Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium (PEC) and with funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

This training package includes 7 Training Modules and a set of Annexes (Annexes A-O). The Training Modules build on each other and should ideally be used in a sequenced way in a training setting. However, for groups with specific training needs around particular areas, modules can also be used individually, but need to be tailored by the trainers and facilitators to meet the needs of specific audiences. The annexes provide worksheets and hand-outs that can be used as resources during the training for specific modules and exercises.

Training manual modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction and Orientation
  • Module 2: Conflict Analysis
  • Module 3: Peacebuilding Program Design
  • Module 4: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Plan
  • Module 5: Baseline and Indicator Development
  • Module 6: Monitoring for Intended and Unintended Impacts and Adaptive Management
  • Module 7: Evaluation and Other Evaluative Processes

These modules are supported by a set of annexes that provide additional resources, suggested handouts, and other instructional support materials.

This training package builds on many existing resources in the area of design, monitoring and evaluation and peacebuilding initiatives from a variety of different organizations. Many of those are highlighted in the The Online Field Guide to Peacebuilding Evaluation and DM&E for Peace and specific resources are highlighted in each training module. The training package also integrates and brings together a variety of CDA tools developed in the areas of peacebuilding effectiveness/Reflecting on Peace Practice (RPP) and conflict-sensitivity/Do No Harm (DNH) over the past 20 years.

Credit: Ernstorfer, Anita and Kiely Barnard-Webster. Peacebuilding Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation: A training package for participants and trainers at intermediate to advanced levels. Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium, 2019.

10 comments on “Peacebuilding Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Training Manual”

I have not reviewed the document, but I look forward to doing so after downloading and then provide feedback.

Just had a preliminary glance through the material. Even though it acknowledges that it is not a ‘silver bullet’ , it is comprehensive and very handy, with an easy-to-navigate layout.

I am interested. I am a holder of MA Peace and Reconciliation Studies Coventry University UK. Please avail me all I need to do to be fully involved.

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