Preventing Atrocities: Five Key Primers

Freedom House

Created 06/15/2018

Tools and Templates


This toolkit introduces efforts by international actors, such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), to prevent atrocities around the world. Atrocity prevention is known to take many forms, ranging from long-term upstream prevention, to immediate crisis responses, to post-atrocity response. The five chapters presented in this toolkit (1) introduce foundational topics such as hate speech, early warning, documentation, transitional justice, justice sector interventions, and the role of national human rights institutions and paralegals; (2) provide valuable case studies and lessons learned for USAID missions; (3) and outline opportunities for future USAID atrocity prevention programming. Together, the topics discussed in this toolkit are intended to help raise awareness among USAID staff of these disciplines and their vital linkages to atrocity prevention.

This toolkit was prepared by Freedom House, ABA ROLI, Global Rights, and Internews drawing upon their unique technical expertise to outline tools and approaches to support atrocity prevention. Each chapter presents a different critical aspect of atrocity prevention designed to inform the development of an Atrocity Prevention Toolkit for USAID field missions.

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