Program Evaluations Models Metaevaluation Checklist

Daniel L. Stufflebeam

Created 11/17/2011

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This checklist is for performing metaevaluations of program evaluation models.  It is organized according to the Joint Committee Program Evaluation Standards.  For each of the 30 standards the checklist includes 10 checkpoints drawn from the substance of the standard.  It is suggested that each standard be scored on each checkpoint.  Then judgments about the adequacy of the subject evaluation model in meeting the standard can be made as follows:  0-2 Poor, 3-4 Fair, 5-6 Good, 7-8 Very Good, 9-10 Excellent.  It is recommended that an evaluation model be failed if it scores Poor on standards P1 Service Orientation, A5 Valid Information, A10 Justified Conclusions, or A11 Impartial Reporting. Users of this checklist are advised to consult the full text of The Joint Committee (1994) Program Evaluation Standards, Thousand Oaks, CA:  Sage Publications.

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