Putting the “Applied” in Political Economy Analysis

Pact & the Human Rights Support Mechanism (HRSM)

Created 10/08/2019



Applied Political Economy Analysis Critical Review

Pact conducted a critical learning review of 10 Applied Political Economy Analysis (APEA) processes it led or supported from 2017-2018 under the Human Rights Support Mechanism (HRSM). The learning review generated key observations, analysis and recommendations that we hope will be valuable to the wider community of development implementers and APEA practitioners. This four-page report summarizes our key takeaways from the learning review and our recommendations for improving APEA going forward.

Pact uses Applied Political Economy Analysis to deliberately map the political and economic incentives that drive key actors within a given geography, sector or system to inform contextually driven programming.

Click here to access Pact’s critical learning review summary online

Click here for Pact’s handbook on APEA for Human Rights Programs

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