Reimagining American Democracy: Discussion Series (2021)

Freedom House

Created 06/10/2021

Analysis, Multimedia


A discussion series for all who believe in the future and promise of American democracy.

Join Freedom House, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, the George W. Bush Instituteand Issue One for 360° conversations that are forward-thinking and dedicated to one of the most important issues of our time.

The program features journalist-led conversations with the thinkers, activists, policymakers, and organizations envisioning what a more vibrant and inclusive democracy in America could look like – and what it will take to get the

Episode 1: Democracy in America

Watch the full episode now. 

American democracy is in urgent need of progress. So what can we all do to reimagine and revitalize it? In the inaugural episode of Reimagining American Democracy, we bring together leaders from across the political spectrum to explore: what are the most critical elements of a healthy, strong, inclusive democracy in America? How and where can we reinforce the system, ensuring that all voices are heard and represented equitably?

Episode 2: The Vote

One voice, one vote: this is the backbone of democracy. What kind of voting reform measures can help to realize American democracy’s full promise?

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