Results Initiative in Conflict, Crime & Violence Programming

CARE UK, CDA Inc., & SFCG for the U.K. Department for International Development,

Created 07/09/2013

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This series of Guidance Products was developed under the Results Initiative in Conflict, Crime, and Violence Programming within Department for International Development (DFID). The full set of products is intended to support DFID country offices and their partners to develop better measures of programme results in difficult conflict and fragile environments. 

DFID recognises the need to focus on the results of its work in developing countries. To this end, DFID strives to account better for our efforts on behalf of UK taxpayers, offering clarity regarding the value and impact of our work. The Results Initiative operates under the assumption that we will achieve our development objectives with our national partners more effectively if we generate—collectively—a clear picture of the progress being made.

Within DFID, the Conflict Humanitarian and Security Department has established a partnership with a consortium of leading organisations in the fields of conflict, security and justice to develop more effective approaches to the use of data in the design, implementation and evaluation of programmes that contribute to reducing conflict, crime and violence. 

In addition to producing these Guidance Products, the consortium has established a Help Desk function to provide direct and customized support to country offices as they endeavour to improve measurement of results in local contexts.

The views expressed in this Practice Product are the sole opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all consortia partners.  This Practice Product does not reflect an official DFID position.

The series includes:

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