Search for Common Ground’s Evaluations and Reports: July 2018

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Created 11/06/2018

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Search for Common Ground‘s evaluations and reports published in July 2018 are now available online. To access the full evaluations and reports, please click on the titles of the resource.


Final Evaluation: Bottom-Up Approach to Countering Violent Extremism in Tunisia (August 2017) 

This program aimed to increase the ability of vulnerable communities to prevent and counter violent extremism in Tunisia by helping members of the Tunisian society approach conflicts and differences in a constructive manner, through cooperation and dialogue. The report is based on qualitative information collected through focus group discussions and interviews with 10 partner NGOs in 6 communities. Click the link above to read the complete final evaluation.


Final Evaluation: “The Partnership for Behavior and Social Change in Yemen” Project in Taiz and Hodeidah, Second Phase (December 2017)

This final evaluation report explores the results of of the 18-month second phase project in seven districts and in two regions of Yemen, in which the goal was to provide Yemeni children and their families with knowledge on safe health practices to reduce the impact of conflict in Yemen on children’s health. Click on the link above to read the complete final evaluation of this project.


Mid-Term Evaluation: PAHUNCH – Strengthening the Poor and Marginalized Communities’ Access to Justice and Security in Nepal (May 2018)

The project aims to improve access to security and justice services for the poor and marginalized communities, specifically women, in target districts. The project is built on five output areas: Increasing public awareness on security and justice issues; Improving citizen-police relationships and mutual accountability; Improving police responsiveness; Improving court responsiveness and legal aid and Output and Community Mediation. Click the link above to read the complete midterm evaluation.


Baseline Evaluation: Study on the Priorities Plan for the Consolidation of Peace in Niger and Related Projects (May 2017)

In 2016, the Technical Secretariat of the United Nations Joint Steering Committee in Niger supported Search for Common Ground’s efforts to carry out a study to establish the baseline situation of the indicators of the 2015-2018 Priority Plan for Peacebuilding. The Peacebuilding Priority Plan in Niger aims to prevent conflict and promote lasting peace through the involvement of civil society, particularly youth, and to transform conflict peacefully. Click the link above to read the complete baseline evaluation.


Final Evaluation: Women’s Caravan for Peace (March 2017)

This program sought to create spaces for women-led dialogue among key social stakeholders and community members in marginalized neighborhoods in northern Morocco, with a focus on tolerance, diversity of thought, morality, violence, and women’s rights. These dialogues sought to promote the collaborative development of an alternative narrative to that propagated by violent extremist organizations. Click the link above to read the complete final evaluation of this project.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Midterm Evaluation: Terre d’Entente (February 2015)

The overall goal of this project is to support the legitimate governments of the Great Lakes region to develop the capacity to fulfill their essential functions. This mid-term evaluation aims to capture the change already made by the project on the transformation of land conflicts in the targeted areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and to formulate concrete recommendations to enhance the relevance, efficiency, and the sustainability of the project for the final years of the project. Click the link above to read the complete midterm evaluation.

Midterm Evaluation: Participatory Evaluation for the Improvement of Basic Social Services , Phase 2 (May 2015)

The overall objective of this project is to promote the civic participation of the Congolese population through participation in the management of basic social services. The objective of the mid-term evaluation was to provide information on the progress of the indicators and to provide lessons learned in order to guide further the implementation of the project and its activities. Click the link above to read the complete midterm evaluation.

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