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Created 09/03/2021

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During September 2021, DME for Peace will be highlighting Search for Common Ground‘s (Search) efforts to research and to mitigate the mutual influence of conflict dynamics and COVID-19 response, culminating in a M&E Thursday Talk discussion on September 23rd, at 10am EDT. 



In a partnership with the European Union, Search is producing research and concrete recommendations on a quarterly basis, addressing key themes faced across six conflict-affected countries, namely Kenya, Nigeria, Palestine, Tanzania, Uganda, and Yemen. In addition to concrete recommendations for maintaining the credibility of pandemic response efforts, Search is also identifying opportunities for collaboration.

We hope you can take some time to explore the dynamic snapshots, thematic reports, and collaboration opportunities listed below, and also join us for a live discussion and Q&A with our Search colleagues who are leading this body of work.


M&E Thursday Talk

Covid-19 Horizontal Cohesion

On September 23rd, at 10am EDTSamah AbdalrahmanData Management Officer at Search for Common Ground (Search), will lead our M&E Thursday Talk discussion on “A Story of Resilience & Fragilities: The Impact of Covid-19 on Horizontal Cohesion in Conflict-Affected Countries.”

Register now to join the (free!) webinar discussion. 



Snapshots Conflict Snapshots: COVID-19 & Conflict Dynamics; Quarterly quantitative reports (from 6 countries) look at the impact of COVID-19 on pre-existing conflict dynamics, horizontal and vertical cohesion, communities’ satisfaction and trust levels in the government’s COVID-19 response and in COVID-19 responders themselves, and at trusted information channels.

Thematic Report 1 – Trust in authorities: The golden ticket to successful COVID-19 vaccine roll-out in conflict settings; This report explores the evolution of trust in government authorities in conflict-affected societies in the context of a pandemic, including causes and potential consequences of mistrust and how this may impact the future roll-out of a COVID-19 vaccine in conflict-affected settings.

Thematic Report 2 – A story of resilience and fragilities: the impact of COVID-19 on horizontal cohesion in conflict-affected countries; This thematic report is an attempt to analyse horizontal social cohesion in conflict settings throughout the pandemic. it builds on the Conflict Snapshots’ insights.

Amplifying Voices – Influencers for Change; ConnexUs’ tailored network empowers influencers to promote contextually-relevant communications that reach wide audiences and support a more effective response to COVID-19. See what the Influencers are doing, join the network, or catch up on discussions with others in the field!

Event Recordings – #ConnexUsLive; Previous live discussions sharing the work and insights of guests and organisations from across the peacebuilding, humanitarian, development, and public health fields. Discussions include topics such as “Navigating Public Health Emergencies with Conflict Sensitivity” and “Understanding the Connection Between Public Health & Peace”.

For all of Search’s work (& the work of others in our global NGO network) on Covid-19 and pandemic response, check out ConnexUs


We are always looking for more insights to share and organizations to highlight; contact us directly if you would like to partner with us so that we can showcase your, or your organization’s, work.

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