Speak Up, Speak Out: A Toolkit for Reporting on Human Rights Issues


Created 09/02/2021

How-to, Tools and Templates


This toolkit is both a human rights reference guide and a workbook for journalists and civic activists who want to improve their ability to report on human rights issues in a fair, accurate, and sensitive way.

Internews believes that a critical first step toward ending human rights abuses is revealing them to the public through a variety of media platforms. However, we also know from experience that for journalists working in countries emerging from conflict or decades of autocratic rule, reporting on human rights can be extremely challenging. They face dangers associated with reporting on sensitive issues while also striving to protect the rights of victims and other vulnerable groups.

This toolkit grew out of the Internews Global Human Rights Program, which aims to provide journalists in developing countries with the skills, knowledge and tools to report responsibly on human rights issues and generate innovative coverage of these topics. Through this program, professional journalists and citizen reporters in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, South Sudan, Chad, Central African Republic, Zimbabwe and Egypt participated in two- to three-week-long training courses where they learned journalistic, thematic, technical and online skills necessary for this important work.

Click here to access the full guide & toolkit.

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