The Better Peace Tool (Second Edition 2018)

International Civil Society Action Network

Created 07/03/2019

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Better Peace tool

The Better Peace Tool is an open source guide offering practical steps for the effective inclusion of women peacebuilders and gender perspectives in mediation, conflict prevention, and peacemaking. The Better Peace tool helps to make the word and spirit of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 agenda a reality.

The Better Peace Initiative (BPI) was launched by the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) in 2014, to develop practical guidance on the inclusion of women peacebuilders in peacemaking, mediation processes and sustaining peace. Through research, convening, and diverse consultations, the project aims to move beyond the question of why inclusivity matters, to ask how it is being practiced – identifying ongoing barriers and effective strategies to overcome them. Through the BPI, ICAN develops short animations, discussion guides, and trainings on gendered thematic topics that are commonly addressed in peace processes.

The proliferation of actors and growing complexity of contemporary wars demand new approaches to their prevention and resolution. The inclusion of state and non-state armed actors in peacemaking is necessary, but it is no longer sufficient if sustainable peace is the goal.

In even the most violent contexts a subset of civilians, often times women, find the courage to stand up, speak out, and struggle for peace in their country, armed with their values and convictions. They have no exit strategy, but they do have a vision of their societies rooted in social justice and equality. They are also an important source of practical experience about life in a war zone and knowledge of ground realities, from emerging security threats to effective means of preventing radicalization and making
peace. Research findings affirm their contributions and the critical role they can play in peacebuilding.


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