COVID-19 and the Impact on Local Peacebuilding (2020)

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Created 10/08/2020

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As the impact of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic grows, local peacebuilders continue working to help communities break through cycles of violent conflict. During the first week of April, Peace Direct and Conducive Space for Peace held a series of consultations asking local peacebuilders how their lives and work have been affected by this unprecedented health emergency, what their communities need, and how they see their role during this time of crisis. These consultations included input from over 400 peacebuilders from more than 60 countries. This report presents key findings and recommendations from those consultations.

COVID19 - local peacebuilding

“We must adapt our peacebuilding efforts in order to fight against the virus. Because it is important to let everybody know that no country, no organization alone can fight this virus. We must all put our knowledge together and coordinate our actions.”

Key findings

1. The COVID-19 crisis and the response to it are exacerbating the underlying roots of conflict, particularly inequality.

2. Some governments are exploiting the crisis to
further their own agendas.

3. The crisis has also provided opportunities
to advance peace.

4. Peacebuilders are struggling to sustain their work.

5. Social distancing undermines many existing
peacebuilding efforts.

6. The crisis is impacting mental health.

7. Young peacebuilders could be at the forefront
of building peace and tackling the virus.


1. Conflict sensitive approaches are vital

2. Provide sustained and flexible financial support.

3. Support technology take up.

4. Support youth-led efforts.

5. Monitor human rights violations.

6. Address the structural causes of conflict.

7. Provide increased support for recovery and trauma healing.

8. Use this moment to promote systematic change.

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