Overall Top 5 “Timeless” Resources

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Created 03/18/2021

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These are the overall top 5 resources that our community keeps coming back to over the years. That is why we have given these always popular resources the title of “timeless”. They are now gathered all in one place for easy access – hope you enjoy!

Designing for Results: Integrating Monitoring and Evaluation in Conflict Transformation Activities (By: Search for Common Ground)

Peacebuilding Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Training Manual (By: the PEC Evaluation Consortium)

Guiding Steps for Peacebuilding Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation (By: the PEC Evaluation Consortium)

Human Rights & Conflict Resolution (By: Search for Common Ground)

Faith Matters: A Guide for the Design, Monitoring & Evaluation of Inter-Religious Action for Peacebuilding (By: Alliance for Peacebuilding)

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