Top 5 “Timeless” Tools & Toolkits

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Created 03/18/2021

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These are the top 5 (okay, there are actually 7 but that didn’t have the same ring to it…) tools and toolkits that our community keeps revisiting throughout the years. That is why we have given these always popular resources the title of “timeless”.

Gender Analysis Tools (By: CIDA)

Evaluation Flash Cards: Embedding Evaluative Thinking in Organizational Culture (By: Michael Quinn Patton & Otto Bremer Foundation)

Conflict Analysis Tools (By: Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation – SDC)

Do No Harm Tip Sheet (By: Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation – SDC)

Getting Data Visualization Right (By: Search for Common Ground)

Myanmar Impact Toolkit: Monitoring and Evaluating Counter Hate Speech Initiatives (By: Search for Common Ground)

Learning from Practice: Developmental Evaluation Practices: Tips, Tools, & Templates (By: USAID)

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