(Visual Summary) Outcome Harvesting: Best Practices for Learning & Reflection

Chhavi Kotwani & Alisa Arata, Search for Common Ground

Created 04/05/2021

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These are visual summaries about outcome harvesting, which are based on the the blog written by Chhavi Kotwani of Search for Common Ground. These visual summaries will give you the main ideas and lessons learned in a quicker and more digestible way. If you would like to read the original blog post in full detail, please click here.

Outcome Harvesting When to Use it

Outcome Harvesting Prepare for It

outcome Harvesting When to Implement

Click here to check out the original blog post these visuals are based on.

Click here to read Chhavi’s first blog post on outcome harvesting, Outcome Harvesting: More than a Contingency Plan

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