What is Program Evaluation? A Beginners Guide

Gene Shackman

Created 03/13/2012



Program evaluation answers these questions:

  • Does the program work?
  • And how can it be improved?
  • Is the program worthwhile?
  • Are there alternatives that would be better?
  • Are there unintended consequences?
  •  Are the program goals appropriate and useful?

As of 2020, this guide has been expanded and updated, please click here to access the most recent version of this resource. 

6 comments on “What is Program Evaluation? A Beginners Guide”

The presentation on the basics of design, monitoring, evaluation, research and learning was very interesting and precise

This presentation for me was quite useful, helpful and enlightening. It deepen my understanding.

Hi Gene! Thank you so much for sharing. I will make sure to add a note now to the page. We appreciate this.

Best wishes,

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